About Us

Jamaica Tours and Transfers

At Jamaica Tours and Transfers, we offer a comprehensive transportation solutions with diverse packages ranging from private airport transfers, tours, sightseeing, excursion, customised services that is  sure to suit all your transportation needs. Jamaica  At Jamaica Tours and Transfer we take special care that the passengers reach their destination on time safely and securely. We cater for travelers: tourists, wanderers, families, groups, weddings, business travelers, couples and special occasions. We offer numerous VIP packages and accessories for those want want a bit of luxury shazam to their Jamaica experience.

Our professional and courteous team of drivers and tour guides are well-aware of the sunshine island of Jamaica and are dedicated to making your  time in Jamaica memorable. All our staffs and driver’s aspire to share our island’s lively and welcoming culture with you. Our team is always there to provide professional assistance and help create a unforgettable travel experience for all holidaymakers and visitors traveling to Jamaica.

Who Are We?

We Are A Leisure, Travel and Tourism Company.

At Jamaica Tours and Transfers, we continuously strive to deliver the best services for all our clients and continually improve the quality of our tours and transport services. We own and operate a dedicated fleet of JUTA registered vehicles, and our operators have many years of experience in operations, driving, and self-management in the tours and travelling industry of Jamaica. Also, our head of tours is a tourism veteran who has complete insights about the best places to visit in the beautiful island of Jamaica. Our driver coordinator makes sure the all our drivers are where they are supposed to be on time. We as team transport tourists, travellers, locals and leisure seekers on tours and excursions all over the island.

Experience and Insights

We completely understand the various inherent constraints concerning Jamaica’s building and door number system incompletion in the rural areas and continuously direct our efforts to deliver bespoke and immaculate airport transfer services in line with that of the USA, UK, and Europe. With our exclusive airport transfer, excursion and tours services, you can book a transfer to and from any destination on the whole map of Jamaica seamlessly without any hassles. Booking with Jamaica Tours and Transfer is simple, you need to enter the drop off target, and we will generate a quote to take you there. Our drivers always receive all our travellers to their exact destination at no extra charges. In addition to flexible and bespoke bookings, we offer a very easy to use system that makes booking and navigation extremely simplified and effective. You as a traveller can expect a flexible, stress-free and streamlined booking process so that you can arrive happily and leave happy from the sunshine island of Jamaica.

Our Service Difference

Arrive Happy, Leave Happy.

At Jamaica Tours and Transfers, all our offerings are unique and bespoke to ensure that all our tourists and travellers get a stress-free booking experience for their respective services. We have been operating in the airport transfers and tours industry for a decade. For us, customer experiences and a smooth travelling experience is the most important thing. With Jamaica Transfer and Tours, you as a traveller can expect to be picked up from any respective address or location in Jamaica. 

As a traveller, we believe that your focus should be on enjoying your journey and having a pleasurable experience. Jamaica Tours and Transfers offers the best possible price/value combination for all travellers and tourists. We are not the cheapest, but you can expect market competitive pricing packages and perfectly personalised itineraries, tour, and airport pickup services.  

Love Jamaica!

We strongly believe in delivering the best quality services at the most competitive prices for all travellers, whether they are frequent travellers or are embarking on the once in a life-time journey to the Caribbean. We appreciate the importance of making the trip of our clients memorable and worthwhile. Our business is located in Jamaica in terms of physical operations and delivery of service; however, the company is registered in the United Kingdom.